How to Choose a Perfect Party Wear Gown?

How to Choose a Perfect Party Wear Gown?

What stops Indian women from picking up a dress or a gown? There are certain preconceived notions such as – the youngsters can pick up any style they want. It looks good on them no matter whether they are petite or over weight. They can carry anything they wear. Problem comes with elderly women who are always apprehensive to pick up a dress. The first thing that comes to their mind is that they will look fat in that.

Every Indian woman wants to wear fashionable dresses and gowns. The advertisements on social media pull them to the page of the popular websites for women’s fashion where they end up browsing through different styles and patterns for hours only to close the tab without making any purchase. Negative body image and a lot of apprehensions pull them back from placing the order. So let’s see the journey of a party wear gown into the closet of an Indian woman. And then, what exactly should you keep in mind while selecting a gown.

Party Wear Gown – Story of Market Penetration

Getting Indian women to buy designer gowns online was tricky. The story began somewhat like this… Kurtas being the first fusion wear have played a major role in making a bridge between traditional Indian outfits and western outfits. It fill that space ‘somewhere in the middle’ to make the transition smooth and easy. It is the first crack on the ice of all the apprehensions towards embracing a new style of fashion wear. The same can be seen in the case of gowns and dresses.

Gowns have made entry into the lives of Indian women in the most elegant way. And what is even better is the fact that the western styled gowns blend very well with the Anarkali kurtas or A-line kurtas to make the most beautiful fusion wear that compliment Indian body types in the most beautiful manner. Hence firs the floor length Anarkali, a-line and straight fit kurtas were introduced. And once it was well accepted by the Indian crowd, the next step was to move towards gowns and dresses. Now, gowns and dresses contribute towards a substantial portion of the revenue of a fashion website and also you can find many designer gowns supplier on many b2b portals like Dial4Trade.

Take Your Pick – But Make Sure To Keep These Points In Mind

Why are telling this story of market penetration of gowns and dresses is in order to drive home the point that much has been done to make these western styles relevant and acceptable to the Indian mass market. Even after all these efforts if you end up picking the wrong gown for yourself and once again get back to that frozen mindset towards western outfits, it will be very sad thing to happen for you as well as for the fashion industry. Hence learn a few tips and tricks to pick up the right gown that will only win you compliments.

  • Firstly, know your body type. A dress that compliments an apple shaped body type will not suit the pear shaped at all. This is particularly important if you are buying a gown for the first time.
  • The next step is to research on the styles, cuts, embroidery and print patters that are recommended for your body type.
  • Look for these styles in the product description of the fashion portal and place your order accordingly.

This exercise needs to be carried out for the first few times. Once you try out a couple of styles, you will gain confidence. You can also pair the dresses with jackets, shrugs or may be leggings if need be. What else? Step out in style and paint the city red!