3 Ways to Stay Fashionable and Relevant in Fall

3 Ways to Stay Fashionable and Relevant in Fall

For some people dressing up is anything as long as they are not naked. If you are particular about how you look, then by now you should be warming up or should I say cooling down for fall. It’s time to drop the short sleeves and the bare minimal for next time. The moment seasons snap change time, you hit your wardrobe with an emergency changeover.

Fall is beautiful, the vibrant colored leaves are shedding all over to prove that. So, whether you are going to school, office, to the grocery shop or just headed to file a slip and fall suit, you have to look good and stand out. Here is how to pull off a fall look;

1. What to wear

The days are short, the nights are long and the temperatures have definitely dropped. If you are not thinking warmth, then you are in trouble. The morning and evenings will have you freezing so you have to be protected.

How? Think of layering your clothes. This way, you can easily shed some in the warm afternoons and wear them again in the evening. Trench coats, jumpers, hoodies and sweaters will have you covered. You can also wear a sweater dress over stockings or a button up shirt over a laced top.

If you still want to keep your short skirts and shorts from summer, you can layer them with tights or leggings. Long jeans and slacks will serve you better. Start stocking up scarves, gloves, and hats. Keep them stylish and let them flow with your general look.

When it comes to shoe wear, remember fall is cool and can get damp sometimes. You therefore have to keep closed toe shoes and sneakers where your sandals were in summer. If you want a more polished and fashionable look, play around with both high and low boots. They don’t have to be black just keep them simple and sweet. You don’t want to go to the office looking lost, do you?

2. The detail

Knowing what to wear is not enough. The magic is in the details. Think of the fall leaves for warm colors, earth tones, dark and neutral colors. They rhyme perfectly well with the weather. Don’t be afraid to try some color-blocking techniques to avoid disappearing into your wear. Make use of contrast.

When it comes to the pattern, please spare your fellow humanity from the summer hangover. Avoid bright and tropical flowers. Instead, try dark florals with roses, pansies and thistle on the pattern detail. Rock your day with these and your confidence will thank you for it. You know the look good feel good thing, right?

The material and fabric of the clothes you choose should be working with you against cold. Save silk and linen for next summer. They may be enticing but they are not right. Denim, Cotton, Judi Togel, corduroy, leather, suede and wool will serve you well.

3. The style

Just because it is cold does not mean you have to be boring. Push the envelope a bit. If you have that tank top that is so awesome you feel like you have to share the goodness with the world, no worries. Layering should not scare you. Just try putting on some stylish cardigan or trench coat that you can easily take off on top.

If you can also try mix and match, roll with it. Think of patterns with solids, leather with suede, light with deep or even lace with thick clothing. Do you have a flowing boho blouse? With a skinny jeans and a good choice of boots, you will definitely have heads turning.


Whatever the occasion, the time, or even the place, fall is the time to shine. with just a bit of attention to detail, you can dress to kill. Don’t let the cold get you down, warm it up with an attitude.