Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "Titanic"

Things You Didn’t Know About The Movie “Titanic”

The Hollywood industry has spread its reach to almost every corner of the world and the benefits are ripe for the picking to every upcoming producer like, Bob Simonds, Jason Blum, Megan Ellison, Nina Jacobson and many more. Now it would be unfair to ignore the fact that this present widespread of love for Hollywood is a significant result of few popular movies from the 90s. One such movie is Titanic. It is no doubt that the Titanic is one of the best of James Cameroon and has certainly a lot to talk about considering the 11 Oscars and a lifetime earnings of 2 billion it has bagged. The presence of this movie in the pop culture has never faded. It doesn’t matter how much you have heard or talked about the Leo-Kate duo, there is always more to talk about Titanic. So, here are few facts about the Titanic which you did not know.

1. Matthew McConaughey Was Auditioned With Kate Winslet

While interviewed in a show hosted by Stephen Colbert, Kate Winslet Revealed that she had auditioned with Matthew. This was something which no one knew, she stated that it was a fantastic experience to audition with Matthew. If Matthew was selected then we would have experienced a whole new Jack and Rose.

2. Kate’s Cold Encounter

In the Kate Winslet’s Titanic Diary, Kate had written that she had actually turned down the wetsuits which were given to her on the sets as she didn’t want any wetsuit competition. During the years there were many rumors that Kate suffered from pneumonia after the water scenes but this was not true. She did suffer from hypothermia though.

3. James Cameroon Said That The Set Used Warm Water

Contradicting to Winslet’s Hypothermia, the director James Cameroon said that the water in the tank was around 80 degrees which not less than any pool’s water. Further, he said that all the frigid breath, cold was added afterward. Someone pleases send this news to Kate’s Hypothermia.

4. Rose’s Nude Drawing By Jack Was Actually Drawn By Cameroon

You might always think that if not Leo then who else must have drawn the nude drawing of Rose. Actually, the drawing was drawn by the director itself. Kate stated that she had to pose in a bathing suit for the drawing.

5. The Crew And Cast Were Drugged With PCP During The Shoot

This fact might sound a little strange but it is damn true that someone from the crew had drugged almost around 50 people with PCP along with Cameroon. All of them were rushed to the nearby hospital in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. However, it is still, unknown that who had done that but there were many rumors afterward that two members from the food-service did this due to misbehavior from the crew.

6. Time When Jack And Rose Meet In The Last Scene

One more interesting fact about the movie is that when Jack was waiting for Rose in the staircase, the clock behind them exactly had the same time when the ship actually sank. It was 2:20 a.m.

7. There Was A Real J. Dawson On The ship

This is actually a coincidence but instead of Jack Dawson, it was Joseph Dawson and the fun fact is that even Cameron didn’t know while he was writing the film.

So, these were the fact about Titanic. Let us know which fact you liked the most.